Skipper Barrier Tape XS Unit inc 9m Retractable Barrier Tape

Skipper Barrier Tape XS Unit inc 9m Retractable Barrier Tape (choice of colours)

The total safety management solution

The Skipper XS unit has all the great versatility of the standard Skipper unit, but is for use without cones or posts.

It has the same 9 metres of retractable tape, as well as new connector points for affixing to its own unique range of accessories. (See related products for the accessories)


Width: 145mm / 5.7"

Height: 126mm / 5.0"

Depth: 145mm / 5.7"

Weight: 700g / 24.7oz

Other Information

Top cap: This can screw off to allow the attachment of accessories such as the light and sign holder.

Tape: Each Skipper XS unit contains 9m of tape.

Tape end clip: This attaches to the Skipper XS range of accessories, the Skipper unit, and Skipper wall / magnetic receiver clips.

Locking button: Stops the tape from retracting for a more premanant solution.

Connector point: The Skipper XS unit has three connector points for facilitating alternate directions of tape.

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