Nightsearcher Trio 230 Rechargeable LED Handlamp

Nightsearcher Trio 230 Rechargeable LED Handlamp



  • 230 lumens
  • Beam distance 400m
  • 3 Light modes: Full, half, flashing
  • Runtime 7h - 16h
  • Emergency function
  • Can be left on permanent charge
  • Battery charging indicator
  • Available in dark grey OR Hi-Vis yellow

With newly upgraded LEDs the NightSearcher TRIO now offers 3x the performance and 2 additional light modes.

Whilst still offering exceptionally long run times, it now operates at 230 lumens on full brightness, ruuning for 7h. The half power setting at 115 lumens offers an unrivalled 14h. The flashing function works independently and will operate for up to 16h.

With a long range beam of up to 400m, it is ideal for patrolling, security guards, search and rescue and with robust construction, its durable enough for industrial users.

The TRIO also features an emergency function, enabling the torch to automatically illuminate in the event of a power cut. In addition, the Hand lamp can be left on permanent charge, without causing battery damage. Using the ABS bracket, it can be mounted on walls or vehicles.
  • Used by: Utility groups, Police, Railways, Agricultural sector, Automotive sector
  • Applications: General purpose LED torch, emergency power mode for hotels



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