NightSearcher PulsarPro Single

NightSearcher PulsarPro Single

These multi-mode rechargeable, LED warning lights can be supplied as a single unit or set of 6, available in 5 different colour options and Infra-red.

Designed for hazard awareness or signalling they are compact and robust (withstanding most vehicle weights without being crushed).

As these are magnetic they can be attached to vehicles or other steel surfaces. Charged as a set within their case or direct to unit for a single option.

They can operate for up to 60 hours dependant on chosen mode

Run Time 60h
Battery 3.7V Li-ion
Charge time 6 Nightsearcher Pulsar: 12-14h
Product Weight (kg) Single: 0.19kg
Product Size (mm) Single: L180 x W108 x H35
OPERATION MODE RUN TIME (per Nightsearcher Pulsar)
1 – Rotate 9h 2 – Quad Flash 9h 3 – Single Blink 60h 4 – Alternating Blinks 9h 5 – SOS Rescue 14h 6 – Steady On : High 5h 7 – Steady On : Low 35h 8 – 2 LED Flashlight 9h 9 – 4 LED Flashlight 6h

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