NightSearcher NS750PY Rechargeable Searchlight (Power Pack Casing)

NightSearcher NS750PY Rechargeable Searchlight (Power Pack Casing)

The NS750 is a rechargeable and highly versatile searchlight, using a 50 watt halogen lamp to produce a one mile, 1500 lumen output. Ideal for utility company and railway inspection use.

The power pack, hi vis version here provides complete insulation. When working near live supplies, it is a safer option than other forms of lighting.

The NS750 also features a secondary light coming from the 10 watt halogen lamp, ideal for when the main beam is not required and less light is needed. The detachable head has a coiled lead and the fitting also includes rocker switch, lens protecting rim and spot lens, made from robust plastic, making it nearly indestructible.

The power comes from the light weight aluminium power pack with a tough polyester coating, providing light for 1.5 hours on high and 8 hours on the low setting. The NS750 is also available with a hi visibility polyethylene plastic powerpack. This is to provide total insulation when near live supplies, making it a safer option for railways and utility companies.

Comes complete with yellow NS750, power pack casing, shoulder strap and mains charger & vehicle charger.

Features & Specifications:

  • 1500/175 lumen output.
  • 50W main bulb and 10W secondary bulb.
  • Operates for 1.5hrs on high and 8hrs on low.
  • Can be used direct from vehicle cigar socket.
  • Swivels and tilts to shine in all directions.
  • Battery charging indicator (red to green).


Optional Extras: (please us for more information)

  • Blue, red, amber or green colour filters.
  • Diffused lens.
  • Gun mounting bracket, to convert to a gun-light .
  • NiMh battery pack.
  • 20W, 100W xenon bulbs for different light outputs.
  • Magnetic, suction and gripper bases.
  • LED version.

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