Nightsearcher Megastar LED Floodlight 24Ah SLA with Solaris 20k Head (Max 20,000 Lumens)

Nightsearcher Megastar LED Floodlight 24Ah SLA with Solaris 20k Head (Max 20,000 Lumens)

The MEGASTAR has been upgraded to LED making it more robust, compact with even better light output. It’s designed as temporary lighting for sports applications; eight units will illuminate a 60x40m area ideal for training and coaching. Used by sports clubs, schools and community sports organisers, they can be easily set up in under 2 minutes and used anywhere, avoidingthe cost of hiring facilities.  The lightweight aluminium tripod has double extending safety locking sections that can be secondarily secured using the attached locking pins.  The tripod locks into the powerpack utilising the weight of the powerpack to  give stability to the light and tripod. Battery operated lighting can play a big part in achieving a low carbon energy future. This is a fully portable and rechargeable unit, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.  Lightweight, easy to carry/transport & store. Quick and easy to assemble and of robust weatherproof construction. The MEGASTAR LED is also suitable for emergency services, military and construction sites.

The Solaris Megastar Floodlight has a rechargeable lightweight battery pack, a glare free beam and a adjustable 3 section frame.


Power Type: Rechargeable
Light Output: 20000 lumens
Running Time: 16 hours @ 2000 Lumens
Battery: 18V 24Ah SLA
Light Source: Cree LED
Max Beam: 50m
Light Modes: High, Medium, Low, Flashing
Charge Time: 7h
Product Weight (kg, head): 2.3
Product Weight (kg, case): 10.5
Product Weight (kg, tripod): 4.5
Boxed Weight (kg): 17.3
NATO Code: 6230-99-551-7806
Product Size (mm, head): L300 x W58 x H248
Product Size (mm, case): L225 x W200 x H100
Product Size (mm, tripod): H: 1500 - 3500
Boxed Size (mm): L150 x W150 x H1500
Head/Case: L350 x W310 x H330
Tripod: L1500 x W150 x H150

Also comes with

- Lightweight Tripod up to 3.5m
- Power Pack
- Mains Charger

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