Karcher DE 4002 (240V) Steam cleaner

Karcher DE 4002 (240V) Steam cleaner

  • Hygienic cleanliness without chemicals
  • Ideal for kitchen cleaning
  • Remains operational for long periods of steam cleaning tasks
  • Guaranteed deep-down cleaning
  • Only part of the water capacity needs to be heated at any given time
  • The unit can be refilled at any time thus maintaining continuous cleaning
  • No need to wait for cool down periods

Karcher DE4002 steam cleaner 240v is a steam Cleaner with key Safety Features. The unit cannot be opened whilst under pressure

The steam cleaning kills bacteria in different environments. The Karcher DE4002 steam cleaner 240v also dissolves grease and stains from:.

  • walls
  • floors
  • ceilings
  • work surfaces
  • cookers
  • ovens
  • hotplates
  • cooker canopies
  • cooking equipment and utensils
  • fridges

Karcher DE 4002 Steam Cleaners specification:

  • Unique 2-tank system shortens heating times, reduces power consumption
  • Fully insulated stainless steel bolier
  • VAPOHYDRO: infinitely variable steam moisture content.
  • Low water indicator
  • Thermal cut out for extended machine life
  • Lamp indicator to warn when descaling is necessary

Easily Transportable Steam Cleaner

The Karcher DE4002 steam cleaning machine is easy to transport with two large rear wheels and single front castor, and has a practical carrying handle for easy transportation. This steam cleaner comes with on-board storage unit and tidy power cord facility. The DE4002 steam cleaner is excellent for removing burnt-on residue.

The DE4002 steam cleaner from Karcher can accommodate small items in the accessory compartment. The control panel is clearly laid out for simple and safe operation. Steam jet penetrates the smallest nooks and crannies.

Karcher DE4002 steam cleaner 240v comprehensive accessories kit:

  • Steam hose
  • Extension tube (2x)
  • Floor nozzle
  • Carpet adaptor
  • Hand nozzle, 60 mm
  • Detail nozzle
  • Round brush, 25 mm
  • Cleaning cloth Funnel

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