Husqvarna 574836201 Blades for K3000 Cut N Break per pair

Husqvarna 574836201 Blades for K3000 Cut N Break per pair

Full Description

Husqvarna EL 10 CnB

• Cut in steps through walls up to 40 cm thick, with a very low diamond tool investment. 
• U-shaped segments on concrete blades EL 10 CNB and EL 35 CNB to promote efficient cooling and disposal of saw slurry. 
• The self-sharpen segments are designed to give a free-cutting tool regardless of direction of blade rotation. 
• Specially-developed 230 mm blades with pulley incorporated into the steel body. 
• Highest quality blade components due to tough application and extreme cutting depth. This unique design provides high cutting speed and power. 
• Twin blades, a blade set consists of two blades. 
• This product is protected by following patents: US 6, 874, 400 B2, EP 1 252 956, EP 1 252 957, SE 521 638 and by several other patents pending.
Technical Specifications : Technical specifications for EL 10 CnB
Blade specs
Type Wet
Power range, min-max 1,8-3,7 kW
Blade diameter 230 mm
Blade diameter range, min-max 230-230 mm
Geometry Segmented
Segment shape Elite
Suitable for K 760 Cut-n-Break, K 3000 Cut-n-Break
Number of segments 15
Segment configuration Narrow Notched (N)
Assembly Laser welded
Segment height 10,5 mm

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