Flex VCE 45 H AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner 240v only

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Flex VCE 45 H AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner 240v only

Safety vacuum cleaner with automatic filter cleaning system, 45 L, class H

  • The high-performance turbine ensures both a high suction capacity and a high vacuum. The outcome is an excellent extraction result
  • Automatic switch-on and 15 seconds run-on
  • Continuous automatic flat filter cleaning ensures no loss of suction
  • The flat-fold filter design is such that the container capacity can be optimally used for dust and dirt
  • Suitable for wet vacuuming: with electronic liquid level control
  • Suction control, suction adapted to the tool by stepless control
  • With power take off and electronic automatic on/off. Soft start stops any voltage peaks at the start and the run-on feature empties any remaining dust in the vacuum hose
  • The all-in antistatic equipment prevents any static charging at the implement or suction hose
  • Flow sensor technology monitors the volumetric flow and any dropping of the suction capacity under the prescribed minimum figure is reported by an acoustic signal
  • Equipped with large wheels and two swivel guide rollers
  • Scope for tool storage on top of vacuum cleaner and accessories depot for suction nozzles and tubes at the back
  • Safety filter bag for the safe disposal of the dust collected. Double-walled filter bag with additional PE cover, sealable
  • Safety vacuum cleaner class H: suitable for all dusts with TLV values < 0.1 mg/m³. Suitable for dry, non-flammable dusts that are harmful to the health and carcinogenic substances incl. asbestos
  • Ideal to remove mould, restore roofs and walls insulated with mineral wool and remove asbestos. Sanding dust from wooden surfaces that have been impregnated with hazardous wood preservatives and from painted surfaces with paint that contains substances such as lead, nickel, cadmium, chromium, zinc chromate, etc.

Safety Equipment

Technical attributes  
Rated power P 1000 watt
Power input P. max. 1150 watt
Max. volume flow 2300 l/min
Max. vacuum 22000 Pa
Filter surface 6000 cm²
Container volume 43 l
Capacity liquid 30 l
Power take off 100-2200 watt
Size (W x L x H) 520 x 380 x 695 mm
Weight 13,5 kg

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