Festool SELFCLEAN filter bag SC FIS-CT 48/5 - Code 497539

Festool SELFCLEAN filter bag SC FIS-CT 48/5


  • Qty. in pack 5 piece(s)

Production Information

  • Gross weight 1,011 kg
  • Net weight 1,011 kg
  • Production location DE

Other Information

Prevents filter bag clogging as the flexible fleece material collapses when the extractor is switched off allowing the fine dust to be shaken off.

High-quality cloth filter bag. Cleans dust deposits inside the filter bag automatically.

Festool Code / Part Number: 497539

Packaging: in a carton

EAN / Barcode: 4014549150818

Model Reference: SC FIS-CT 48/5

Product Type: SELFCLEAN filter bag ZH

Associated Business: Automotive, Wood, Painter

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