Festool Natural oil RF HD 5l/1 - Code 498067

Festool Natural oil RF HD 5l/1


  • Filling quantity 5 l

Production Information

  • Gross weight 5,355 kg
  • Net weight 5,355 kg
  • Production location DE

Other Information

Sweat- and saliva-proof i.a.w. DIN 53160. Solvent-free. the wood is processed on a permanent basis and guarantees a hard-wearing surface. Can be impregnated, water-resistant, open porous, diffusion permeable.

For heavy-duty surfaces in internal areas, e.g. perfect for dining tables, worktops, stairs or children's toys.

Festool Code / Part Number: 498067

Packaging: in canister

EAN / Barcode: 4014549160688

Model Reference: RF HD 5l/1

Product Type: Natural oil ZH

Associated Business: Wood, Painter

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