Festool High-gloss Set ll UCR 1000-Set - Code 712572

Festool High-gloss Set ll UCR 1000-Set


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Production Information

  • Production location DE


  • UCR 1000 Universal Center
  • 5x SPEED CUT MPA 5000/1 (500 ml)
  • 5x CERAMIC MPA 11000/1 (500 ml)
  • 5x Premium sheepskin 150 mm
  • 5x pad
  • White waffle face
  • 150 mm
  • 2 microfibre polishing cloths
  • Finish cleaner (500 ml)
  • 200x cleaning cloth 240 x 380 mm
  • GRANAT abrasives 77 mm: 50x P1500
  • Spot sander
  • TITAN 2 self-adhesive sanding discs 36 mm: 100x P2500
  • TITAN 2 self-adhesive sanding discs 36 mm: 100x P3000
  • Spot repair scraper

Other Information

Hooks and racks ensure quick access to machines, accessories and work equipment. 4 fast-moving, large castor wheels for maximum mobility, for example also on a grid with locking brake for stable fixture. All-round edge protection and protective caps on the tool hooks avoid scratches occurring on the vehicle surface. Very robust design satisfies the tough demands in everyday work in the workshop. Individual height adjustment protects your back. Equipped with consumables for a 2-step finish and polishing out holograms.

Mobile and compact polishing work station with ample storage space on a small surface. Workplace organisation for increasing the efficiency of finishing work.

Festool Code / Part Number: 712572

Packaging: in a carton

EAN / Barcode: 4014549181652

Model Reference: UCR 1000-Set

Product Type: High-gloss Set ll VG

Associated Business: Automotive

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