DRAPER 120A 230V Gas/Gasless Turbo MIG Welder - Code: 11973

120A 230V Gas/Gasless Turbo MIG Welder

Uses both solid or filler wire with a flux core. During the weld process the flux melts and protects the weld, therefore no gas is required to shield the weld pool, making it ideal for use outdoors in windy conditions.
•   Non-live direct fit safety torch
•   Four stage power setting
•   Variable wire speed control
•   Thermal overload protection
•   Earth clamp
•   Supplied with face mask and combined chipping hammer/wire brush. Carton packed.

Input current   16A
Output amperage range   40 - 120A
Amperage at 35% duty   65A
No load voltage   21-36V
Filler wire sizes   0.6 - 1.0mm
Dimensions   525 x 289 x 410mm
Weight   25.6kg

Stock no: 11973

Part no: MWD121AT

Barcode: 5010559119738

Item weight: 28kg

Comments: Regulator supplied separately

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