Clarke Victoria - Cast Iron Stove

Clarke Victoria - Cast Iron Stove

This quality brick lined cast iron stove, with beautifully detailed & ornate castings, and adds a touch of class, traditional style and a lot of warmth to any house. And it's also a wonderfully efficient & easily controlled mean of using wood or coal to heat your home.

Please note: If you intend to use this appliance on a barge or boat, it must be installed in accordance with BC 8511:2010. Consult your qualified installer.

  • Maximum heat output 44,040 Btu`s/hr (approx. 12.9kW)
  • Rotating, butterfly style flue damper & adjustable front door air inlets to control burning rate.
  • Interchangeable top / rear outlet flue (150mm) connector suitable for standard 6" stove pipe.
  • Fire brick lining for improved heat insulation & protection.
  • Includes heavy duty removeable grate for use when burning coal.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 700x630x790
  • Weight 121Kg


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