Clarke Arc / Tig 110 Power Inverter

Arc / Tig 110 Power Inverter

A high quality power inverter that delivers regulated DC power for superior quality ARC welding. Electronically controlled output also facilitates smooth and precise TIG welding. Precision power control, at relatively low amps, means auto bodywork & extremely thin sheets of mild & stainless steel can be Tig welded without risk of causing damage or warping.
  • Electronically controlled power output 30 to 105 amps DC
  • Accepts 1.6mm to 2.5 mm dia. electrodes
  • ARC welds rutile, low hydrogen & stainless steel electrodes
  • Tough ventilated steel casing with turbo fan cooling to enhance duty cycle
  • Max. power input - 4.3kW at 230v AC
  • Auto short circuit protection guards against electrical overload
  • Separate kits available for both ARC & TIG welding

Model No: ARC TIG 110

Part No: 6012205

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