Clarke 500W Power Inverter (12v / 230v)

500W Power Inverter (12v / 230v)

Need power for mains appliances but only have a 12v DC power source? Then this fantastic device could solve the problem. Ideal for innumerable users - truck drivers, boat owners, caravaners - it converts 12v DC in to 230v AC for running mains equipment from 12v batteries.
  • 500 watts output at 230v
  • Operates from 11v to 15v DC input (low volts alarm at 10.5v)
  • Powers tv's, hi-fi's & laptops, phone chargers, lights
  • Also powers larger items - DVD players, food mixers, power tools & fast chargers
  • A good solution for providing emergency power if mains fails
  • Crocodile clip connectors
  • 230v, 3-pin outlet socket

Model No: CI1000

Part No: 6013020

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