Barton Storage Safestore - Acid Substance Cabinet c/w 2 shelves 1524 x 915 x 457mm - 016539

Barton Storage Safestore - Acid Substance Cabinet  c/w 2 shelves  1524 x 915 x 457mm

The Acid Substance Cabinets are designed to store acids safely, supplied with adjustable shelves and liquid tight sump tray

  • Constructed in 20 gauge mild steel, with welded seams
  • Reinforce doors to prevent distortion and fitted with a two point lockable handle
  • Adjustable shelves with 25mm pitches
  • Built-in spillage sump, which is not removable
  • Highly visible polyester powder coated in white with appropriate warning labels

Note that these cabinets hold any acid based product. They are painted in one of the hardest paints available to provide a splash resistant finish.

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