SCH General Purpose ATV Trailer

SCH General Purpose ATV Trailer

Details and Specification

The GPATV is a general purpose 'off-road' trailer for use behind quad bikes, ATV's etc.  The trailer is supplied with fixed high mesh sides, ideal for carrying animals or bulky loads, straw, leaves, grass cuttings, logs etc.

Wide wheels give the trailer good flotation over unfriendly ground, they also go a long way to preventing wheel lines in turf.  A ramp tailgate is incorporated in the build.  The floor and solid sides are of high quality phenol ply.  The trailer is fitted with a 50mm ball hitch.  The finish to the trailer is standard silver aluminum gloss paint.

Carrying capacity                        750kg
Overall Width                             1850mm (73")
Overall Length                           3.1m (118")
Height of sides                           1050mm (59")
Wheels                                        20 x 10-8
Weight                                           247kg



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