Retractable Hard Hat Lanyard- stop falling hard hats - SFARHHL - 14", .51kg SWL

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Retractable Hard Hat Lanyard- stop falling hard hats

Suits virtually any safety helmet, retractor keeps lanyard close to your body, minimizing entanglement. Tethers Hard-Hat to Fall-Protection Harness to prevent it from dropping

Providing a practical alternative to elasticated or 4 point
chinstraps which can prove restrictive to head & neck
movement and uncomfortable for prolonged use, especially in
harsh wet or cold weather conditions. This accessory can be
quickly and easily fitted to virtually any standard safety helmet
avoiding the need to source brand specific chin-straps to fit
your safety helmet.

Primarily intended for use with Fall Protection harnesses, the
Velcro strap can be secured to the steel lanyard ?D Ring? or
similar integral part of the lanyard. If the Safety Helmet should
fall or be removed from the wearers head it will fall no further
than the retracted length of the lanyard (14?)

Mounting System

Attaches to harness tri-ring or strap

Velcro Strap
Loop and cinch lanyard around hard hat
head band or adjustment knob

Usage Notes:
• Modification of lanyard or components
will void tool rating limits
• Inspect lanyard before each use for wear
• Inspect lanyard after dropped tool for damage
• Replace lanyard if subjected to heavy tool drop
or if lanyard exhibits wear or strain
• Do not exceed tool weight limits
• Not for personal fall protection
• Do not use around machinery

• Spectra/Nylon Line
• Stainless Steel Spring & Hardware
• 14? Extension
• 2.5 oz. Retraction Force
• 18 oz. Weight Limit (hard hat)



  • 0.51kg SWL
  • 14” Extension
  • Hard Hat not supplied.

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