NightSearcher StarBooster Rechargeable LED Floodlight & Car Jump Booster

NightSearcher StarBooster Rechargeable LED Floodlight & Car Jump Booster

The NightSearcher StarBooster offers a 4-in-1 solution - an LED floodlight, torch, car jump booster and powerbank, all in 1 unit.

Features & Specifications:

  • Light output: Flood - 500 lumens. Torch - 300 lumens.
  • Light source: COB LEDs.
  • Light modes: Flood or torch.
  • Run time: Flood - 10 hours. Torch - 6 hours. Red Flashing - 75 hours.
  • Battery: Li-ion.
  • Compact size - fits into your pocket.
  • LED battery status indicator.
  • LED floodlight, torch and flashing red modes available.
  • Jump lead socket included (3 litre petrol engine max.).
  • Retractable carrying handle with stand and magnet.
  • USB socket - ideal for charging phones and tablets.
  • Drop proof up to 1 metre.
  • Charge time: 4 hours.
  • Product Size: Length - 166mm. Width - 96mm. Height - 31mm.
  • Product Weight: 45g.


This light is multi-functional, offering numerous features. Small enough to keep in your pocket or glove box in case of emergencies:

  • Floodlight - 500 lumen white light floodlight with red flashing feature if required for an emergency situation.
  • Torch - 300 lumen inspection torch for a more focussed light.
  • Jump Starter - insulated jump cables included for petrol vehicles up to 3L in size.
  • USB Socket - ideal for charging phones and tablets on the go.


Comes complete with StarBooster, mains power adaptor, insulated jump cables and USB cable.

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